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Quality dog and cat boarding near Dorking and Reigate, in the heart of Surrey.


All Prices inc VAT



Small - £15.25

Medium - £16.50

Large - £18.00

Extra Large - £18.50

Giant - £19.50


Cats: £8.50


Small Animals: £4.00


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Call on: 01306 611 326


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We welcome you to come and have a look around. You can also bring your dog to view as well (providing we can examine their up to date vaccination card). We are also pleased to extend the offer for them to spend the day with us at no charge to see how they settle. We will always give very honest feedback as to how the day has been enjoyed. This is often a very good introduction for them to see how they enjoy their time spent with us.


Our heated buildings centre around a traditional farmyard and are the perfect setting.


Each dog has its own heated kennel, and pets from the same family can be boarded together. We have a variety of kennel sizes, ranging from converted stables, a forge and haybarn units. We have plenty of beds and bedding that we can supply, but we are also pleased for pets to use their own familiar bedding if this makes their stay more comfortable. Our kennels are ideal for dogs that like to mix with us as well as other dogs as we spend a lot of time with them. Our guests constantly interact with our staff and get regular runs in our exercise yard.


We have a large range of food available and will always follow customers directions with regard to dietary requirements. Dog appetite and waste is monitored on a regular basis.

Small (e.g. Yorkshire Terrier): £15.25

Medium (e.g. Spaniel): £16.50

Large (e.g. Labrador): £18.00

Extra Large (e.g. German Shepherd): £18.50

Giant (e.g. Great Dane): £19.50

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Prices (inc VAT)

Viewings and Day Visits